At Perio Implant Clinic we believe that dentistry is no longer a one man show activity where one single dentist can give you a solution to all your dental needs but rather a multi specialty medical treatment where many dentists collaborate together each one in his specialty to give you the best result that you can ever have.

Besides that, nowadays dentistry offers a solution for virtually every type of dental problem. This became possible due to the development of faster and more efficient dental treatments, new pain-free dental techniques, state of the art regenerative therapies and durable, aesthetically appealing dental materials. Patients of all ages can improve the health and beauty of their smile choosing from a multitude of traditional or more innovative general and specialized dentistry treatments.

At Perio Implant Clinic, our patients are given the best care in a relaxing atmosphere, and for those stressed patients we offer sedation with Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) where your stress will decrease to the lowest level .

Dr. Naji Abboud Interview on MTV [February 2011]
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Dr. Naji Abboud on "The doctors" [August 2011]

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Dr. Naji Abboud on "The doctors".
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